A better parking deal for residents on Saracens match days

Many residents have been adversely affected since the introduction of the 'Event Day' parking system. When the initial planning application from Saracens was being considered one of my key concerns - which I raised with both Barnet Council and Saracens - was the issue of parking. The system implemented has clearly not worked to the advantage of residents and I have consistently raised this with the Leader of Barnet Council and the Chief Executive of Saracens Rugby Club.

I am now pleased to have been informed that Barnet Council has agreed to a new e-permit system. This will remove the need for paper permits and allow attendants to check registration plates electronically. It will also make the renewals process more efficient and straightforward. I understand this should be implemented before the start of the next season in the autumn. 

Residents will automatically be issued with 16 visitor vouchers and upon request 16 more will be available. Should any further be required, the Council will consider applications on a case by case basis. This procedure should already be in place.

The Council is also planning to carry out a consultation to establish whether residents would support a reduction in the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours of operation and whether there is support for a review of the areas included in the CPZ.

The people the permit system was introduced to protect - i.e. local residenrts - have continually been penalized though poor communication and mismanagement.  I hope that the proposed changes to event day parking will address the issues and concerns of residents, but I urge residents to contact me if there is anything further I can assist with.