PETITION: Proscribe Hezbollah under the Terrorism Act 2000

Protests have occurred recently in London specifically against the state of Israel. At the first, the annual Al Quds Day rally in June, people were displaying Hezbollah flags and there were visible and audible anti-Semitic outbursts. In July there was another demonstration, ostensibly to protest against the closure of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Once again Hezbollah flags and anti-Semitic rhetoric was employed. This is not acceptable and allows people to blur the lines between opposition to the policies of the Israeli government and outward anti-Semitism.

I have been lobbying the Government to proscribe the entirety of the Hezbollah organisation, not just the military wing. Many people display the Hezbollah flag and claim that they are showing solidarity with the political wing of the organisation which is not proscribed. However, there is no difference between the symbols of each of these parts of the organisation.

I am now stepping up my actions to press the Government to take the action necessary to proscribe the entirety of the Hezbollah organisation.

In order for me to make the strongest possible case, I am asking members of the community in the Hendon constituency to sign the petition below by 24th November 2017. I intend to present the petition to the Home Secretary in Parliament and the more signatures I have, the better I will be able to demonstrate the strength of support for the proscription of the Hezbollah organisation. Barnet Council recently unanimously agreed a motion to this effect which is a very helpful contribution.


Proscribe Hezbollah under the Terrorism Act 2000


The Petition of residents of the Hendon constituency,

Declares that demonstrations against the legitimate and democratic state of Israel where offensive and anti-Semitic language is used are not acceptable and they, the petitioners, condemn such actions; further, that they, the petitioners, note that the police will not take any legal action against perpetrators under the current law; and further, that they, the petitioners, demonstrate their commitment to democracy, tolerance and freedom of speech by seeking the elimination of hatred.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to proscribe the political as well as the military arm of the Hezbollah organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000.

And the petitioners remain, etc