Stop the tower block at Beaufort Park (Colindale)

I am supporting Colindale residents in their opposition to a 21-storey tower block at Beaufort Park. This is part of a planning application for a building of part 8, part 9, part 13 and part 21 storeys to comprise 413 residential homes and 578.5 sqm GIA of commercial floorspace.

I have written to Barnet Council in their capacity as the planning authority with the following objections:

1. The application is a considerable divergence from the Master Plan for the site which was agreed with the London Borough of Barnet. The height and density of the proposed construction constitutes a significant overdevelopment within the Aerodrome Road Corridor and will have an adverse impact on the skyline and wider area.

2. The proposed 21-storey building will completely alter the appearance, symmetry and attractiveness of Beaufort Park and will dominate a development which is mid-rise, not high-rise.

3. The view of Beaufort Park from Aerodrome Road will be wholly altered by a tower blocks of 13 and 21 storeys.

4. The 21-storey building will overshadow and block the sun from a number of existing properties as well as the main park of the development.

5. The proposals will introduce high-rise, high-density living which was never intended for Beaufort Park. The number of homes per hectare will increase to 335 – significantly more than the original 277. This will put significant additional pressure on local health, education and transport services, particularly in the light of other developments taking place in neighbouring areas. The proposals will also increase pressure on existing communal areas/open spaces.

6. Parking provision is already at a premium and these proposals will reduce the parking ratio further.

We need new, good quality homes but not on this scale. The proposals will have a detrimental effect on the visual aspect of Beaufort Park and will have an adverse impact on the quality of life of local residents.