SUCCESS! Matthew welcomes ban on Hezbollah

I am absolutely delighted that the Home Secretary has taken the decision to proscribe the Hezbollah organisation in full, something I have repeatedly been calling for since 2015.

It was at that time that I witnessed the flying of Hezbollah flags at a protest against a visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and I lodged my concerns with the Metropolitan Police.

Since that day, I have written to all three Home Secretaries, including the current Prime Minister and when Sajid Javid was first appointed in April of last year, I wrote to him demanding that the political wing of Hezbollah is proscribed under the Terrorism Act.

Despite receiving disappointing responses, I continued to fight for this ban through every means possible. I presented a petition in the House of Commons on behalf of almost 1,000 constituents. I have spoken out and pressed Ministers during debates in the Chamber. I also attended the annual counter-demonstration of the Al Quds Day rally every year and made clear to those attending that I would continue my efforts.

During the last election, I promised my constituents I would continue my fight to see the proscription of Hezbollah under the Terrorism Act, and I am pleased to be able to say that this promise has been delivered.

I will now be writing to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to ensure that the law will now be enforced appropriately.


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