Coronavirus local support

The coronavirus Covid-19 is affecting every single one of our lives us in one way or another. However, there are some that may need support more than others during these trying times - such as the elderly or vulnerable. 

My team and I are here to help where and when we can, but I've also been overwhelmed by the number of fantastic local initiatives and support groups that have sprung up locally over the past week or two. 

I have compiled a list of some of these below so that if you need help during these difficult times - it will be easier to find. Please feel free to share this information with friends, family, and neighbours who you think would benefit from this. 

More detailed advice on Covid-19 can be found at


Matthew Offord MP


Barnet Age UK

Barnet Age UK aim to help with:

  • Shopping
  • Changing a light bulb
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Admin tasks
  • Moving furniture
  • A cooked meal to your door up to twice a week
  • Regular chat over the phone
  • Craft packs, e.g. magazines and puzzle books

If you or anyone you know is self-isolating requires support from Barnet Age UK, please contact or phone 020 8203 5040.


Edgware Families Facebook group

Many people have posted on the Edgware Families Facebook group offering their support and services. This ranges from qualified teachers offering help and resources for home-schooling, homework-out plans and Personal Training, and information about free care packages for the over 70s to name a few.


Grief Encounter

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard, but it is especially difficult for children and young people.

Grief encounter are a national charity with offices in Mill Hill which supports bereaved children and their families to help alleviate the pain caused by the death of someone close.

During these challenging times, they are extending their free service to all those impacted by grief and Covid-19. They are there to support NHS staff, Social Care Workers and all those frontline workers who are experiencing the daily pressures of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Helpline: 0808 802 0111

Chat online:



Naomi Clucas (Edgware)

Naomi is preparing healthy homemade meals and delivering them locally in Edgware from Friday 20th March 2020. She will have daily menus and is also taking orders for Passover. If you would like a price list and menu, please contact her using the following details:

07798 945725


Carmelli Bakery/Yossi’s Bakery

The team at Carmelli understand that many of their customers are isolated at home. In order to reduce the stress of the community, they are kindly offering a FREE DELIVERY SERVICE TO YOUR HOME within the Golders Green, Hendon and Edgware areas. There will be a minimum order of £10.

To place an order, please email Carmelli on, send a message on WhatsApp or call on 020 8458 7056.


Mill Hill Synagogue

Mill Hill Synagogue (MHS) have put into place an action plan for the elderly members, many of whom will have to self-isolate. MHS have asked the community to look after vulnerable members in their areas and ensure they are cared for.

If you or anyone you know needs extra help during this time, or there is someone you know in isolation that requires meals or other essentials like medication, please contact MHS Welfare using the contact details below:

020 8959 1137 – please mark your email for the attention of Welfare.

In addition, if anyone needs technical support with online shopping or other online essentials, please do not hesitate to contact HMS.


Beaufort Park Residents Association

Residents are kindly offering to support each other during this difficult time. This support includes:

  • Help with shopping
  • Dog walking
  • A link to a WhatsApp group for residents to discuss matters in more detail
  • Offers of telephone calls to reduce loneliness and anxiety during this time


Inside Mill Hill

The Inside Mill Hill Facebook group offers wealth of support and volunteering opportunities. The group has created a contact form where you can sign up to volunteer as well as register for support services. All information provided is treated confidentially and will not be shared outside of the group. The link to the form is copied below, as well as the group’s Facebook page.


General support


Some supermarkets are allocating specific hours for elderly and vulnerable people to shop. They will not have to rush or fight the crowds of panic buyers. I am aware that 9am-11am at Iceland in Edgware is now exclusively for elderly and vulnerable people and Waitrose in Mill Hill also has a dedicated time for older and vulnerable residents. Please do keep an eye on your local stores to see if they are offering a similar service.


Self-Employed/Business Owners

If you are self-employed or a business owner, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have launched a tax hotline to help businesses concerned about paying their tax due to Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Tel: 0800 0159 559


How can I help?

If you are able to provide any assistance to local residents in need, please contact me on: or call 020 7219 7083. Please provide your name, an explanation of what help you can provide, and a contact number or email address which you would be happy to be contacted on by residents.


Mr Rob Sykes

07905 8963434

Available to help during the day and evening with local deliveries of food or other essentials, particularly in Mill Hill Broadway area.


Mr John Pettigrove

07546 509745

He can offer collection and delivery of local small items, and possibly dog walking. He works so can only offer assistance in the evenings.


Pratik Kothari

07868 480687

Available to go shopping, collect prescriptions, chat on the phone, and drive people around.


Mr Bernard Chan

Offering to help the elderly and vulnerable in practical ways. He has a car.


Mr Josh Rose

07533 703233

Available evenings and weekends to help and occasionally during the day. No car but happy to go shopping for people and offer physical or emotional support.


Mr Daniel Shear

Only working 4 days per week so can help on the other day. The spare day is not the same each week. Happy to collect prescriptions, admin tasks, changing lightbulbs, moving furniture etc.


Ms Shireen Phang

07595 472024

I am a New Business Consultant and Brand Consultant in hospitality business, 2 of my clients currently are able to deliver frozen meals directly from factory.

1) - Mustard Foods based in Wimbledon. They are premium British Family Foods and usually supply to premium restaurants chains across UK, because of the current virus pandemic situation, they had created Frozen Family Meal available sell direct to consumer.

2) - Sam Pan Foods based in Dunstable - British made dim sum, steam bun, dumpling. Supply to UK restaurant chains. Again, they are prepare to sell direct to consumer.

I am prepare to work together with both companies to deliver in North London as myself based in Mill Hill. 

I do believe this will be hugely useful for many isolated people in North London community. 


Ms Rachelle Marks

Willing to shop, post letters etc. No car.


Ms Helen Turnbull

07768 619909

Offering help to vulnerable in the community. Happy to run errands and pick up supplies. Available from 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.


Ms Jessica Rego

07887 370351

Happy to help in Edgware/Burnt Oak area with food delivery.


Betsy Galuga

07898 665889

Ms Galuga is an occupational therapist and specialised in the care of the elderly. She can help with shopping and chats over the phone to help with loneliness. She can also offer psychological support for people with dementia over the phone.


Satish Kumar

Able to shop and deliver groceries, and collect medication in the Station Road (from Hendon Town Hall to Hendon Rail Station)/Vivian Avenue/West Hendon Broadway area.


Amit Thakrar

07951 271574

Happy to help with deliveries. Has a car so travelling not a problem.


Stephen Levy

07792 525574

Happy to deliver food, medicines or walk the dog. Unable to go into houses or care homes.


Ruth Hart

Happy to deliver shopping or prescriptions to anybody in walking distance of the HA8 postcode.


Lara Serlin & Daniel Weston

07876 624203/07795 622252

Both have kindly offered to help with the following: shopping and dropping off food, cooking, dog walking, and phone calls to elderly for company.


Serban Nita


Available at weekends to help in any way.


Denise Green

Can help elderly residents throughout the week.


Arbnor Salihi

07767 458253

Available to help residents in the Colindale area at the weekend.


Siobhan Saniinejad

07590 404999

Available to collect and drop off food/supplies.


Samantha MacAllister & David Sherrard

Available to collect food and medication.


Phillipa Bellman (Phillipa Bellman Catering)

07769 657965

Food delivery service for sick & elderly. Fee charged for service.


Holly Judge

07818 244165

Willing to shop for the elderly and vulnerable as well as administrative work for organisations such as Age UK.


Aviva Elias

07710 212367

Can collect groceries and supplies for the elderly and vulnerable.


Patricia Foskett

07914 768492

Volunteering to cook and clean, as well as take phone calls to tackle loneliness.


Wahab Khan

Volunteering to drive doctors and nurses to work at any time. He is self-employed with Uber.


The information given above is as provided by the organisation or individual concerned and is reproduced in good faith by Matthew Offord MP.