Excluded from CJRS or SEISS

I strongly believe that the Government has a responsibility to the taxpayer to ensure that their money is used fairly and responsibly. However, I also believe that in a global pandemic that was out of our control, everything possible should be done to prevent anyone being unduly financially punished.
The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and it has hit the world economy, and indeed our own economy, extremely hard. I am pleased that our Government was not prepared just to stand by and as a result introduced a large package of measures – the likes of which have never been seen before – to support businesses and employees. 
Since the beginning, I have been lobbying the Government to ensure a fair deal for consumers, employers, employees and the self-employed. Despite the record financial measures introduced, I do understand that some people feel that they have been left behind – yourself included.
That why I am engaging with the Excluded APPG, set up by Jamie Stone MP. I attended their inaugural meeting and it was extremely informative. I was pleased to see MPs from all parties participate in constructive conversation about how we can support those left behind.
Please be assured that I will continue to work with colleagues and the Government to help all constituents, whether it be those who have recently lost their jobs, business owners who are unable to take wages, or those who have been without jobs throughout the whole crisis.