MOTs & Driving Tests


All cars, motorcycles and vans normally requiring an MOT have been exempted from needing a test for six months, as of 30th March 2020.

This exemption is playing a role in helping our country to combat the coronavirus outbreak. It enables key workers and those who are not able to work remotely to get to work, ensures deliveries continue and allows people to go to the shops for essential foods and medicines.

Despite the exemption, it is important to stress that people should only travel in accordance with Government guidance, and that drivers still have to ensure their vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition if they do use it. Garages will remain open to carry out vital repair work. Drivers can still be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle.


Driving Tests

Update: July 2020 - Driving tests and lessons have resumed 

Both driving tests and theory tests have been suspended in order to help combat the spread of the virus. Driving tests have been suspended for up to three months (from 20th March 2020). Theory tests have been suspended too, but will resume on 1st June 2020. These decisions will be kept under review going forwards.

The suspensions apply to tests for cars, cars and trailers, motorcycles, lorries, coaches, buses and ADI tests and checks.