Computer hacker attempts access to Hendon MP's Facebook page

A computer hacker has attempted to gain access to the Hendons MP's Facebook page. Many MPs now use new ways of communicating with their electorate and in addition to Matthew’s website he also uses Facebook. The social networking site is the focus of attention in a new film called The Social Network which chronicles the legal and personal complications of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, whilst at university at Harvard.

E-campaigning offers many advantages over the traditional paper based methods. Websites provide neat, easily managed and easily updated ‘brochures’ about an MP's work in Parliament and in the constituency. The internet also offers a way to manage data through form filling, petition sign-ups and a host of other activities that used to cost the taxpayer more money through printing and postage.

Matthew said: “What an irony it is that my wife and I only watched the film about Facebook this weekend. But while Facebook has been blocked in several countries including Pakistan, Syria, China, Vietnam, Iran and North Korea, I can now add another individual to that list in Germany, who was trying to interfere with my page. Well, to paraphrase the film ‘You don’t get to 19,635 friends without making a few enemies’.”