Matthew condemns rise in anti-Semitism

A debate on anti-Semitism in British society was held in the House of Commons Chamber on Wednesday 20th February after Matthew asked the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, to allow time to do so. At Business Questions on Thursday 14th February, Matthew indicated to the Leader of the House that he wished to request the issue be debated. This was duly agreed in the announcement of Business for this week.

Matthew said: “We recently saw the announcement of figures which show there have been more anti-Semitic incidents recorded than ever before. There is often a spike in incidents when there is conflict or incidents in Israel but no such occurrences have happened in recent months.

"The Chief Executive of the Community Security Trust attributes the rise to anti-Semitic politics and the deliberate exclusion of Jews from anti-racist norms. Many of my constituents are understandably worried about this damaging turn of events in this country and I am determined to ensure the Government addresses the issue of anti-Semitism and how this scourge can be removed from our party politics. Failure to do so will seriously risk anti-Semitism appearing normalised.” 

Matthew's contribution to the debate can be read here

The full debate can be read here