Matthew defends homeowners from Labour's land tax

During the last General Election in 2015, Labour proposed a new tax on homes which became known as the so-called 'mansion tax'. Matthew was contacted by hundreds of constituents at the time as the possibility of such a tax was a matter of great concern.

In Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto released this week, Labour have outlined a plan for a new ‘land value tax’ amongst a whole range of new tax rises. This new land tax would supposedly replace council tax, something which under the Conservatives has fallen by nine per cent in real terms since 2010.

For residential properties, home owners would pay a tax based on the market value of the house.

Matthew said: “This tax will hit people in the Hendon constituency disproportionately hard. In parts of London such as where we live, this would not target large sprawling mansions or country manors with acres of land, but it would affect the modest homes that we live in.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s uncosted manifesto seeks to increase tax to levels last seen in the 1940s.

Matthew also raised concerns about how this will deter people from buying their first home: “It would be punishing hardworking people who have saved to buy their homes and will even put people off buying homes in and around Hendon.

“It is increasingly clear that this manifesto was written by Corbyn and will be paid for by the hard working people of Hendon. I will continue to fight hard to stop any new unfair taxes on homes.”