Matthew joins Colindale litter pickers on World Clean-Up Day

Matthew joined the Colindale Litter Pickers Association on a litter pick of Colindale Park during World Clean-Up Day events. 

World Cleanup Day united 18 million people across 157 countries and territories for the biggest waste collection day in history. 

To tackle the blight of litter, the Government has published a National Litter Strategy, which aims to apply best practice in education, enforcement and infrastructure to deliver a substantial reduction in litter and associated behaviour. The aim is to bring about demonstrable improvements in the cleanliness of our country and a cultural shift to make littering socially unacceptable. This has included almost doubling the maximum fixed penalty notice for dropping litter from £80 to £150.

Matthew said: "I was delighted to join members of the local community on World Clean-Up Day for a litter pick of Colindale Park. 

"Litter blights our roadsides and spoils our enjoyment of our parks. It is also expensive, costing local councils half a billion pounds a year to clear up. Those who drop litter, even if it is just a cigarette end or chewing gum, can be fined or face a court prosecution.

"I'm pleased that as well as locally organised litter picks such as this one in Colindale, the government's National Litter Strategy is also tackling the scourge of litter on a national scale through increased fines and education."