Matthew praises community work of Edgware Abbey

Matthew was honoured to attend the annual service and open day at the Edgware Abbey Anglican Community of St Mary at the Cross in Edgware. This small Benedictine community still lives and prays in a small part of Edgware and are often overlooked by many local people. 

In addition to its Ministry of Benedictine Hospitality, the Community is the provider of care for 30 residents at Henry Nihill House Care Home with nursing. People of all faiths live here and receive pastoral care from the Abbey. Henry Nihill House adjoins Edgware Abbey and the proximity of the chapel allows everyone to attend services even if they have mobility problems.

Matthew said: “Religion is sometimes criticised for being the cause of much conflict in the world and on some occasions that is true. But the benefit I see when visiting different parts of the Hendon constituency shows me that religion can be a force for good. Edgware Abbey - and its Sisters - achieve that by providing comfort and assistance to people at a very important time in their lives. The chapel is a remarkable building and for it to have survived the construction of housing development is a miracle. We are lucky that it remains.”