Matthew welcomes proposals to move Britain forward

Matthew warmly welcomed the Queen's Speech as a means to move our country forward. The speech set out plans for 26 new bills including action on crime, the NHS, education and the environment.

Matthew said: "Leaving the EU is an opportunity for us to set a new course and a new direction for our country; to take back control of our borders, our money and our laws. But there are equally important other issues which must also be addressed.

"This speech sets out the Government's plans for action to support the NHS, action on law and order including 20,000 new police officers, action on education including a £14 billion investment in our schools, and action on the environment through a new Environment Bill which will include measures to improve water and air quality and tackle plastics pollution.

"People of all views tell me they are fed-up with the political gridlock over Brexit and just want it to happen so we can start dealing with the issues that affect our daily lives. The measures proposed in this speech will help us do exactly that." 

The full Queen's Speech can be read here: