MP's housing estate inspections visit Grahame Park redevelopment

Continuing his visits to all the housing estates in the constituency, Matthew has reached the redevelopment of the Grahame Park estate in Colindale. Coming soon after his visits to Stonegrove in Edgware, Shoelands Court in Colindale and Perryfields in West Hendon, Hendon’s MP was able to see for himself how the new buildings are being constructed and was particularly pleased to see the creation of a new marshland and water feature for local residents.

The radical programme will transform the estate over the next 15 years by creating approximately 15,000 new private and tenant homes that will allow the demolition of other properties on the Concourse. The plans have been drawn up to ensure the new properties connect with the surrounding area and integrate current homes and services with complementary developments. The estate is being remodelled with new community and retail facilities, whilst retaining approximately 25% of the existing homes that were built in a more traditional layout.

Matthew said, “After years of inaction progress is now being made at the site beside Lanacre Avenue. However, I remain concerned about some residents at the back of the development site who have experienced a difficult summer with dust, noise and most recently a loss of their television signal. Consequently I will be pressing hard that the developers continue to look at their working practices.”

Photo caption: Matthew at the Grahame Park redevelopment site