Stop the Tower Blocks at former Peel Centre site

I am opposing plans by Redrow to construct tower blocks of up to 26 storeys in the final phase of their development on the former Peel Centre site (Colindale Gardens) in Aerodrome Road.

IĀ have written to Barnet CouncilĀ in their capacity as the planning authority with the following objections:

  • The plans are a substantial alteration to the original proposals for this site. The height and density have significantly increased and will have an adverse impact on the rest of this development as well as the wider area.
  • The proposed height of buildings up to 26 storeys will be inconsistent with other buildings on the development. A building of 26 storeys will dominate the skyline and completely alter the appearance and symmetry of the eastern end of Aerodrome Road.
  • Buildings of up to 26 storeys will overshadow and overlook neighbouring blocks, thereby compromising both light and privacy. Green open areas will be similarly impacted.
  • The increase in population which these proposals will generate will put significant additional pressure on local health, education and transport services which are already strained as a result of other developments taking place in the Colindale area.
  • Parking provision at 0.5 spaces per unit is unrealistic and will put further pressure on roads which are already at capacity.

As proposed, these plans are completely out of keeping with the first phases of this development and out of keeping with the overall plan for the Aerodrome Road corridor which was not for high-rise buildings. The overly dense, overbearing nature of the proposals will have a detrimental effect on the visual aspect of the area and will have an adverse impact on the standard and quality of life of residents, both existing and incoming.