Stop the tower block at Beaufort Park (Colindale)

I am supporting Colindale residents in their opposition to a 21-storey tower block at Beaufort Park. This is part of a planning application for a building of part 8, part 9, part 13 and part 21 storeys to comprise 413 residential homes and 578.5 sqm GIA of commercial floorspace.

SUCCESS! Matthew welcomes ban on Hezbollah

I am absolutely delighted that the Home Secretary has taken the decision to proscribe the Hezbollah organisation in full, something I have repeatedly been calling for since 2015.

Defending homeowners from Labour's land tax

During the last General Election in 2015, Labour proposed a new tax on homes which became known as the 'mansion tax'. I was contacted by hundreds of constituents at the time as the possibility of such a tax was a matter of great concern.

Result of the EU Referendum

Yesterday's vote was a historic moment in Britain's history. The people of the United Kingdom democratically decided that - even with the Prime Minister's negotiated deal - they do not want this country to continue to be a member of the European Union.I agreed with that view and voted to leave in order to take back our country. 

EU Referendum 2016

It has now been confirmed that the United Kingdom will hold a referendum on whether this country continues its membership of the European Union.

Campaign to improve local public transport

One of my priorities is a better deal for public transport users. Living locally and using public transport, I am aware of concerns about Thameslink, the Northern line, station access and facilities, cycle routes and bus services.Many residents are frustrated by delays, overcrowding or cancelled services. This can badly affect working lives, recreational activities, holidays and visits to family and friends.