Campaign for urgent action on cladding and the EWS1 form - PETITION

Thousands of leaseholders in the Hendon constituency are currently trapped in homes which have no value and are unsaleable. This is due to unresolved combustible cladding work and the need for an EWS1 form.

Many freeholders have tried to pass on the costs of replacing combustible cladding to leaseholders. I do not believe this is right and I have been pressing the Government for more than two years in the House of Commons and formally in writing that leaseholders should not have to bear the costs of a situation which is not of their making.

As a result of my representations and those of other MPs, the Secretary of State for Housing has said: “it is unacceptable for leaseholders to have to worry about the cost of fixing historic safety defects in their buildings that they didn’t cause.” However, many freeholders are still trying to pass on the costs to leaseholders.  

The requirement by mortgage lenders for an EWS1 form for nearly all properties in blocks of multiple dwellings, whether or not they have combustible cladding and are over 18 meters in height, is further trapping leaseholders in unsaleable properties.

I am therefore stepping up my actions to press the Government (a) to take the necessary action to complete outstanding remedial cladding work at no cost to leaseholders and (b) to work with mortgage lenders regarding the requirement for an External Wall System (EWS1) form.

In order for me to make the strongest possible case, I ask residents of the Hendon constituency to sign the petition below by 25th October 2020. I intend to present the petition to the Secretary of State for Housing in Parliament and the more signatures I have, the better I will be able to demonstrate the urgent need for these matters to be resolved.




The Petition of residents of the Hendon constituency,

Declares that leasehold properties in blocks of multiple dwellings have become valueless and unsaleable as a result of unsafe cladding and the introduction of the External Wall System form (EWS1); furthermore, that freeholders and managing agents are requiring leaseholders to pay the costs of remedial cladding work and associated fire safety precautions and that the EWS1 form is being required by mortgage lenders for all properties in blocks of multiple dwellings irrespective of size and whether there is combustible material.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to take immediate action to put in place a means by which all remedial cladding work on all properties is undertaken within the next twelve months at no cost to leaseholders and that they, the Government, work with the building industry and mortgage lenders to ensure that processing the EWS1 form is speeded up and that the form is only required for its original purpose which was buildings where the highest floor is 18m or more above ground level or where specified concerns exist.

And the petitioners remain, etc

Campaign for urgent action on combustible cladding and the EWS1 form

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