Matthew raises Colindale cladding concerns in Parliament

Matthew has raised the concerns of his constituents in Colindale in a Westminster Hall debate on leaseholders and cladding led by Hilary Benn. 

Speaking during the debate, Matthew said: "I have 1,087 developments in the Pulse development in Colindale. A lot of people bought those properties after the building regulations were signed off by the local authority, as recently as 2017. Those people have not been protected by building regulations and now, as the right hon. Member says, simply cannot afford to either remortgage or sell their property. They are in redundant properties. The concern is that the assurances from building regulations were simply not worth the paper on which they were printed."

Intervening on the Housing Minister, Matthew raised the issue of Help to Buy, saying: "Some of my constituents purchased properties under Help to Buy, so the Government certainly have a claim in this. How much of that responsibility will fall on the Treasury?"

Matthew intends to take this up further with the Housing Minister.