Local News

Matthew welcomes suspension of local parking restrictions

Matthew has welcomed an announcement by Barnet Council of changes to parking restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is to assist residents who are now remaining at home and those who may visit self-isolators or the vulnerable who are not able to go out. 

Matthew asks PM to take action to prevent 'quick profits' on essential items

Matthew has been contacted by several constituents regarding concerns that some retailers are using the current coronavirus epidemic to increase the prices of essential items. Such actions are not only distasteful but also reprehensible, particularly when undertaken by trusted institutions.

Matthew welcomes action on Edgware fly-tip

Matthew was pleased to be informed that Barnet Council has taken action against the owners of the land behind the Railway Hotel in Edgware which is being used as a 'dumping ground'.

Matthew commends park regeneration in Colindale and Burnt Oak

Matthew has visited Montrose Playing Field and Silkstream Park and in Burnt Oak to see the progress being made to improve recreational, sport, and fitness facilities, and how changes to the Silk Stream watercourse will prevent the flooding of houses further downstream.