Catch 22 and the Barnet Action 4 Youth Project

Instead of sitting in an office in Westminster, Matthew is spending the summer getting round the constituency of Hendon. One such visit was the Catch 22 and the Barnet Action 4 Youth project in Colindale where Matthew met young people on their summer break.

Catch 22 is a national charity which works with 34,000 young people every year. They run over 100 projects around the UK, including the one on the Grahame Park estate. The aim is to ensure that every young person has the chance to learn, earn a living, have a safe place to live, stay out of crime and make a positive contribution to society.

Matthew said “In my acceptance speech I made it clear that I would work to ensure that no one is left behind under the new government and this project does exactly that. The young people explained what they were doing, told me about their plans for the future and asked me questions about Parliament. I applaud the work of Catch 22 and the people they are working with.”