Matthew has his cake - and eats it!

Matthew attended the Big Brew 2011 event held at St Margaret’s Church in Edgware. Organised by the Rev. Michael Clarke, Matthew met residents of Edgware over a cup of coffee and home-made cakes. The event was supported by the Edgware Town Business Forum whose members were also offering free tea and coffee from their businesses on the High Street. Businesses included: Rock Around the Clock, Royal Sandwich, Starbucks, Nando's, Oxfam, Edge of Town, Loving Hut, Simply Scrumptious Creperie, Let’s Print, MA Washvac and Peter Adam’s.

“It was most welcome to have coffee with local people after my morning surgery and interesting to meet so many traders in the town centre who were making such a generous offer to their customers. Edgware has a thriving town centre economy and I look forward to speaking to the Business Forum in the coming months”.


Photo: Matthew is pictured choosing cakes from the cake stall at St Margaret’s Church in Edgware