Matthew plants #ReforestEarth tree in Colindale

Matthew has planted the oak tree given to him by Extinction Rebellion as part of the #ReforestEarth campaign.

After offering the tree to Hendon organisations, Matthew was contacted by the Friends of Heybourne Park in Colindale and it was decided the landscaped area (pictured) would be the ideal location for the tree to be planted. Joined by pupils from Saracens High School, Matthew dug a hole for the oak sapling while pupils planted daffodil bulbs and crocuses.

Planting more trees is crucial in the fight against climate change because trees store carbon and can help make our towns and cities more resilient. Trees in urban areas improve health and wellbeing, connect people with the outdoors, absorb noise, reduce flood risk, lower temperatures through shading, and create green spaces for communities to come together.

The Government has already announced a £10 million fund for the Urban Tree Challenge Fund. This intends to plant 130,000 trees across England’s towns and cities in order to achieve the government’s target to plant one million urban trees by 2022.

Matthew said: “The environment is very important to me and, being a member of the Environmental Audit Select Committee, I recognise the concern about the effect of Climate Change on the next generation. Not only will this tree – and others – assist in capturing carbon in the atmosphere, it will also be an attraction in the park as it grows.”