Matthew presses PM for more funding for local GP services

Matthew was pleased to be joined by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on a visit to a popular GP surgery in Hendon where they discussed local health service provision.

Matthew used the opportunity to raise the concern of many residents about obtaining GP appointments. As a local resident himself, Matthew uses local health services and experiences the same problems as his constituents.

Matthew said: "Most people access health care through their GP and I made the point that it is important that additional funding for the NHS goes to GP services as well as hospitals. If GPs are not able to provide the services required, people will be forced to go to hospital which is not the way the system should work.

"As we head into a General Election, Brexit is likely to dominate the political agenda but it is issues like GP appointments, educational funding, and police on the streets that are concerns of local people. GP services are the bedrock of the NHS and we need to ensure that the additional finances provided for health care reach the local level."

Matthew and Boris Johnson are pictured with local GP Dr Azim