Matthew welcomes funding to continue raising education standards in Hendon

Matthew has welcomed the announcement that schools in the Hendon constituency will benefit from funding to improve school facilities.

Schools in the constituency have been allocated a share of the £434 million investment to expand classrooms, upgrade facilities and improve the education of children across the whole country. This major new investment will ensure our schools and colleges can focus on teaching, with brand new buildings and better facilities so that every child gets the world-class education all our children deserve.

Beneficiaries in the Hendon constituency include Copthall School and Hasmonean High School for Girls which will both receive funding for maintenance and upgrade works.

This funding will ensure these schools have well-maintained facilities to provide students with safe environments that support a high-quality education.  It is part of the £1.4 billion of capital funding for 2020-21 announced in April and is provided through the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

On top of this, the Prime Minister has also announced a new transformative 10-year school rebuilding programme to help bounce back from the pandemic. This will be kick-started with over £1 billion for the first 50 projects in 2020-21.

Matthew said:  “Coronavirus has taken a toll on us all, not least our children, who have been kept from their friends, their teachers and their schools.

“Schools across the country have played their part in responding to coronavirus, ensuring their doors remained open for the children of essential workers – who have kept the NHS, public services and economy going throughout this crisis.

“This funding will help ensure all children have the very best possible schools and education, enabling them to gain all the knowledge and skills they need for success.” 

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson said:  “My number-one focus will always be to make sure every student has access to excellent education and training.

 “As we look forward to this September and all children returning to school, we can be assured that for years to come this country’s education system will drive opportunity and prosperity for all.”

Matthew is pictured on a visit to Copthall School - one of the funding recipients - last year.