Remembering Vijay Patel

Matthew was honoured to be invited to attend Vijay Patel's memorial service in Mill Hill on Sunday night. Vijay was tragically killed outside the Rota Express convenience store (where he worked) in The Broadway, Mill Hill on 6th January. Family and friends spoke of their thoughts of Vijay and listened to music at Mill Hill County High School.

Matthew said: "Vijay's death was a tragedy for his family, his friends and the people of Mill Hill. No good can come out of such an event but our local community has come together at this dreadful time.

"I did not know Vijay personally but I have subsequently learnt what kind of man he was. He worked hard for his family, was prepared to stand up for what he believed and knew the difference between right and wrong. It is a testament to his asma (spirit) that over 300 people recently attended a candlelight vigil at the location where Vijay died.

"Mill Hill does not experience violence such as this and this incident has hit local people very hard. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Vijay's family at this tragic and sad time."