Matthew helps launch Lifeboat Fund in Parliament

Matthew has helped launch the Lifeboat Fund in Parliament this week. The Lifeboat fund is a 151 year old charity for public servants to support the Lifeboats and largely funds the work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI),

Matthew takes part in Bhuddist robe offering ceremony

Matthew was delighted to celebrate Inter-faith Week (11th-18th November) by visiting the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre in Kingsbury to witness the Kathina Civara Puja – or robe offering ceremony. The Kathina festival is a major observance of Theravada Buddhism.

Matthew speaks out against anti-Semitism

Matthew was pleased to attend the European Jewish Association’s conference to speak about the threat of political and criminal anti-Semitism.

Matthew backs plan for new deep water facility in Mill Hill

Matthew has thrown his support behind a campaign for a new deep water diving facility at Copthall in Mill Hill. 

Matthew said: "I’m pleased to support North London Aquatics who are crowdfunding to build a new, inclusive and ground-breaking deep water facility at Copthall in Mill Hill.