EU Referendum: a balanced view - May 2016

Many constituents have contacted me for information on the EU Referendum. Each side of the debate is producing arguments on the merits of either remaining or leaving the EU but there is scant information of an unbiased analysis.

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee - which, like the electorate as a whole, is divided on the question of our membership - has met this need by unanimously agreeing a report on ‘Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK’s role in the world’. Unlike a standard Select Committee report which is addressed to the Government, this report has been specifically compiled to provide an informed and balanced analysis for the electorate in the run-up to the referendum.

The report does not endorse either 'remain' or 'leave'. It encourages voters to consider the long-term consequences of remaining in or leaving the EU and suggests a number of factors voters may wish to consider:

- The UK’s trading relationship with the rest of the EU;
- The UK’s trading relationship with the rest of the world;
- The UK’s international representation and reputation;
- How the EU and the EU’s external policies might develop.

I hope this will be helpful for my constituents in considering this important issue.…